Art as a business: marketing, the Law of Attraction and intuition


For anyone desiring to make money off their creative talents, building your art as a business and a brand is key. Over the last few months, I’ve been attending a series of free workshops the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo has been hosting on this concept. (They call it “The Well-fed Artist Series,” love it!) It would have been foolish for me to not take advantage of some free information and meet some fellow artists as well. I am very thankful we have this resource. There are still ongoing classes, so check out their website if interested (you have to register to attend): . You can also check out some of the material covered thus far. Very helpful stuff!

It’s also important to know that in order to be successful, you have to work at it. You cannot expect the world to throw you a bone. I don’t believe opportunities present themselves out of thin air or are coincidental. The Law of Attraction is a principle that I wholeheartedly believe in. If you’re working on bettering yourself, bettering your quality of life, bettering your business, etc., the universe will give you what you need. The key is your effort and state of mind. Like energy attracts like energy.

With that being said, I’ve been very productive this past week, organizing files, tweaking my website, doing research into other artists’ sites, and recreating my Etsy shop. You can view this here: .*

*This shop is no longer in service.

Recently, I was presented with an opportunity to make money with my art. I originally agreed to do it and was very grateful to my friend for her interest and the opportunity. I started preparing for it but in the back of my mind, something kept nagging at me. I felt like if I went into this project, it would not make me happy; I wouldn’t be painting for the sake of creating or expression.  I recognized the need to heed my intuition and decided not to take this business opportunity. Perhaps later on, it will be more appropriate, but at this time I feel it would conflict with my current intentions. I am confident my efforts will continue to manifest into the direction I am meant to take.

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