30 Random Facts About Me

1. A great way to learn how to accept yourself is to unknowingly have a panic attack at work, complete with paramedics and a trip to the ER.

2. I like feet. Not in a sexual way, I just like them. (As long as they’re decent.)

3. I am a big slacker when it comes to washing dishes. Right now most of my dirty dishes reside in my oven.



4. I am very sensitive to people’s moods and energies. Sometimes I have to take a break from people to center myself.

5. I’m still adapting to being affectionate.

6. When I was a kid, I had a microscope.

7. I’ve never broken a bone, but have broken my front teeth in a bicycle accident.

8. I like to iron. It’s very calming.

9. I have a thing about leaving the lid up on a toilet seat, but most times do not worry about using those protective covers in public restrooms.

10. One of my relatives was a faith healer.

11. I used to feel awkward being so different. Now I embrace it.

12. I envy and admire artists that create abstract pieces… except the ones that are simply a line in the middle of a block. I think those are more scams than art.

13. Sometimes I wish I could isolate myself from the world and live on a deserted island. Hello, Wilson!

14. In the summer, I love to binge on homegrown tomatoes.

15. Possibly my biggest fear is being in a car accident on the expressway.

16. Of all places in the world, I want to visit NYC.

17. I used to play Text Twist obsessively. Even when I stopped playing, I was playing it in my head.

18. I have a constant thirst for knowledge and wisdom.

19. I once tried squid jerky.

20. I learned yoga (before it became mainstream and popular) when I was a teenager.

21. I am constantly running into things, acquiring bruises on my limbs.

22. I love heights.

23. I think I may have been a bird in a past life.

24. I don’t own any fiction books. They’re all reference material, biographical material, or spiritual texts.

25. In spite of my passionate appreciation of non-superficial things, I love fashion.

26. I used to have a phobia of octopi… so much that I couldn’t stand to look at one. I didn’t get over this fear until I was 15.

27. I have a very active imagination and often picture things happening to me or with me, just for the sake of it.

28. I waxed my legs for the first time recently and liked it.

29. I wish people were entirely pure and good so I could travel to see the cyber-friends I’ve never officially met.

30. I hope I never fully conform.

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