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Evolution of My Hair

My hair evolution naturally curly hair long short bob pixie hairstyles Angela Conley

Hair has always been a pretty big deal in my life. I blame it on the people who started calling me Shirley Temple when I was a young lass. I’ve always been particular about my hair (although as evident in the 90s, should have been more particular!) and for most of my life, embraced the natural curl. However, I’ve colored it for years now, since I get bored easily.

Over the last 4 years, I’ve experimented with the length and style of my hair. I’ve found it to be a creative form of expression… and recently, with the shortest cut ever, have found it to be a liberating experience. Most women go for a drastic cut at a big milestone in their life. This wasn’t the case for me this time. I just wanted to try something different and was able to let go of the attachment I’ve had to my hair for so long.

Sit back and enjoy the montage of photos.

1970s: Born in the late 70s, I was looking like a mean little booger… It didn’t seem to take long for my hair to grow, which is still true to this day… Here’s what must be a requisite for mothers: the barely there ponytail with a barrette. Little did my mother know, she’d never be able to do that look  again on me… And in the last pic, we see the start of the Shirley Temple look. I don’t know why, but it always pissed me off when people told me I looked like her.

My hair evolution naturally curly hair long short bob pixie hairstyles Angela Conley

1980s: The Shirley Temple look was continued at age 5… A little later in life, it appears to have transformed from a curly fro to a curly bob. Man, I love chicken… I hated this haircut immensely. Kinda like a mullet. Was the result of some self-cutting to create a realistic self-portrait… Ooh, another fierce look: 6th grade Amadeus. Class pictures day: Mom decided to do my hair instead of me doing it, which resulted in something very different. Blowdryer + curling iron= major poof.

1990s: Bring on the Rave! Hairspray seems to be one of those things in fashion that keeps coming back (re: bouffaints, fros, mall hair, the Snooki look)… Freshman year: still working the bangs… Sophomore year: I finally learned how to work with my curls. No more blow drying, teasing or brushing!… Senior year: still working the natural look.

My hair evolution naturally curly hair long short bob pixie hairstyles Angela Conley

2000s, Part 1: Around this time or shortly before, I started experimenting with at-home color. Learned my lesson to never try blonde at home. It didn’t last long: I went to brown later… 2005: I was inspired by a photo of Beyonce with long curls and curly bangs. This look lasted less than a week… I then decided to flat-iron my bangs. It was a’ight… 2006: This is my hair at its longest. Looking back, it was way too long.

My hair evolution naturally curly hair long short bob pixie hairstyles Angela Conley

2000s, Part 2: Hair no more! I should’ve sold it. In 2007, I decided to go with a huge change (which coincided with a big change in my romantic life). I loved my curly bob… I experimented with some dramatic highlighting later that year. I liked my stripes… 2008: Went back to growing my hair long. I dug this red-brown color.

My hair evolution naturally curly hair long short bob pixie hairstyles Angela Conley

2010s, Part 1: Still rocking the long hair, but I felt it was time for a change again… I decided on a bob again, but with more of a modern feel, with the back shorter than the front… About 2 months later, I went for the gusto and had it chopped off. At this point, even with the prior bob, I was feeling like my hair was weighing me down. Getting it this short was very liberating… More highlights/streaks.

2010s, Part 2: In December, I went for another dramatic cut. I dug the cross between a pixie/bob that I’d had, but had been pondering even shorter. Since my hair is naturally curly, I have to use a flat-iron, but it’s sooo easy… I decided to try the reddest shade I’ve ever tried… Sometimes the bangs get on my nerves, so it’s nice that they’re long enough to pin back… My hair grows fast; here my bangs are longer after about 1 month… I love hats and found one that is so practical, since I only have to style my bangs!

I really like the look of the pixie and how much easier it makes things. I have so much more versatility with styling my hair, plus I think it’s healthier since the hair is newer. I’m sticking with the red for now, but am looking for a new do. I’m thinking either cropped all over (even shorter than the first time) or short everywhere but the top (long fringe). It’s just been so much fun.


5 thoughts on “Evolution of My Hair

    • Thanks! I’m actually growing out my hair now because I miss the curls. But only to a curly pixie/bob length. I should probably do another hair post…

      Your cat is named Fred? He must be an awesome creature. Thanks for stopping by & commenting!


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