Synchronicity Part II?

I awoke this morning to use the restroom and noticed my hair looking like this:

Martin Short as Ed Grimley

Actually, my bangs were at more like a 45-degree angle than straight up like Mr. Grimley here,  but it was quite hilarious nonetheless. The bangs even came together to point at the end.

Here’s where the “coincidental” part comes in: a few nights ago, I was coloring my hair at home and my boyfriend was over. Usually I tend to keep my beauty rituals to myself, but he ended up coming over spontaneously. I was comfy with it and so was he, although he kept cracking jokes about how my hair looked as I waited out the color process. See, the color was dark brown, but it looked jet black on my head. I dye my eyebrows when drastically changing haircolor, so I’d had some dye painted on my brows also.

Personally, I thought I looked more like Eddie Munster, but he thought I looked like Ed Grimley. He even did a little dance to emphasize the joke, which was very entertaining.

So how in the world did my hair end up like this today? I’m a light sleeper, so I don’t believe my boyfriend could have gotten away with shaping it and me not waking up. He also denied doing it. I tried duplicating this look earlier but could not. I guess it’s just another act of synchronicity, right?

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