Epiphany: Hoopties and the Law of Attraction

No, I didn’t have one and live overseas somewhere. This is just an example.

I’m going to grant you access into a world in which few are privy and not many (if any) could even understand. That world… is my mind. Here, I will let you in to some of my processes of thinking. Often times, I have an active imagination, entertaining myself with many “what if” scenarios and I also will let my mind run its course, making connections between memories or other musings.

Am I an overthinker? Most def. But as you will see, it can pave a path to enlightenment.

Today as I was driving, I saw a car that reminded me of the older model Escort I used to own.

I cracked up a little that I’d driven something so non-appealing, but it was given to me and I’ve never really been all that superficial about cars. Having had older cars that needed many, many repairs has helped reinforce that value. It was almost like I’d forgotten having had that car.

That got me to thinking of how much money I put into that Escort for its many repairs. It would have been much more economical to have invested that money into a better, more reliable car. It puzzled me as to why didn’t I just do that back then. I don’t believe my credit history was all that bad, but still… I didn’t even try to get a loan for a better car.

I then reflected on my current car and how reliable it’s been. I have yet to spend money on significant repairs for it. The lastest incident has only been my rear-view mirror falling off the windshield because of the crazy Midwestern heat. I have one more car payment on it, and then I will have full ownership. Woot!

I’m pretty thankful to have a great car, but I now have a newfound respect concerning its symbolism. In considering how I’d owned cars that needed so may repairs and the spell of accidents I’d had within a few months several years ago (some my fault, some not), I made a connection with the life I was living.

I firmly believe in the Law of Attraction but back then, I knew nothing of it. Sure, I learned of it in physics class waaaay back in high school, but didn’t see connections between science and spirituality as I now do. I’ve lived a pretty good life, but not until the last several years have I truly focused on myself as I should. I’ve always been me, but now I’m a better version of me… and I’m still working on becoming even more of my true Self.

My concept of self-worth is so much stronger than it was before. I’ve learned how not to invest in something that isn’t going to last long or doesn’t have good odds. I’ve learned what is worthy of an investment, even if still a risk. Paying off my carnote is not just a milestone in financial responsibility, it’s a milestone of emotional and spiritual responsibility. I have chosen a more righteous and loving path with myself and others, and in turn have seen how that positive energy manifests in my life. I feel more blessed and I truly am more blessed. It’s all happening perfectly.

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