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30 Days of Meditation: Day 3

3 days into it, and I can feel a noticeable difference in my mind and body. I don’t know if it’s typical or not, but I’m pretty glad for it. Day 2: I almost forgot to meditate. I was getting into bed about 4 hours earlier than normal (felt very sleepy) and it hit me, “I almost forgot to meditate!” So I climbed out and popped a squat on my bedroom floor. I noticed tension in my torso, specifically my spine. I also noticed my breathing wasn’t as fluid.

At one point, I really felt at peace with meditating and very present, as if I could meditate for a long amount of time. And then, just as quickly as it came, it left. I think I freaked out a little at that thought.

The strongest thing I noticed from last night, was that I felt more energetic after meditating. Don’t believe I’ve felt that way before after meditating. It was like it woke up my mind, and I had trouble getting to sleep whereas 10 mins. before that I was ready to pass out.

Day 3: The same sensation of re-energizing occurred tonight, although I wasn’t as tired. I now feel more awake in my head and lighter in my body altogether. It’s similar to how I feel after yoga or a great workout: that my body isn’t as heavy and my energy field is clearer and weighs less.

I’m enjoying the discipline I need to accomplish this goal and the structure it gives me. I’d like to extend this beyond my goal, so I can reap the benefits meditation has to offer.

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Meditation: Day 3

  1. I really need to try this out. Excited to read about your progress. Really need some motivation right now. Maybe meditation is the spark. Good luck!


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