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30 Days of Meditation: Days 4-8

Big recap here, since I’ve been slacking on my blogging. Still plugging away with this.

I just realized I’ve been doing this for over a week now. That feels like an accomplishment. I have difficulty creating new habits sometimes, as familiarity is comfy. Another observation: I feel much more able to get in the meditative moment in my bedroom. More motivation to set up my meditation/yoga space there.

Day 4: I’ve experienced it before, but this evening, it felt great to feel truly present and in the moment. I felt a great stillness, as if I was motionless while the world continued on around me. This reminded me of how important it is to meditate, be present and how much of a relief it can be from my activities, work, etc.

Day 5: I forgot to do meditate! I mentally kicked myself when I remembered this the next day. Then I realized why (it not being a new habit yet) and let go of my self-judgement. This coming weekend, I may meditate earlier in the day since I’ve been doing it as part of my nightly winding-down routine.

Day 6: No trouble remembering this day! However, I noticed while meditating, that my intention was not as genuine. It was more goal-driven than for my own benefit. It was like I did it as an obligation.

Day 7: My intentions were truer this evening. I still felt distracted, similar to how I felt when I first started… as if a bunch of thoughts were racing through. I redirected myself back to the present, even though I didn’t feel as present as I could or have in the past.

Day 8: Having just written the recap of the past days, I have a restored sense of intention. Please hold while I meditate… Much more productive. I feel though, that I shouldn’t be perceiving it as such. Is that also my ego? Hmm… I also noticed how much more noise there was tonight, than usual. Noticing that though, did allow me to observe that there are still crickets outside. 🙂

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