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30 Days of Meditation: Days 14-15

Today marked the midpoint of my meditation challenge, while yesterday marked the first time I used my newly sewn meditation rug.

It’s a simple rug, made from some chenille upholstery fabric I scored on clearance a while ago. It’s going to stay in the bedroom, as its color (olive green) coordinates with the decor there (pics of it in the room to come later.)

The rug’s fabric is on the far left.

I’d been intending on using the fabric for some time but had procrastinated or busied myself with other projects. So, I’m glad to finally cross this one off my to-do list. It also made for a wonderfully soft and sensual spot on which to meditate. More importantly, I believe its purpose helps to solidify my meditation practice. It’s like a reward for my perseverance so far in this challenge and journey. Perhaps it’s the new rug, but the past few nights I have found myself looking forward to meditating. This is not a feeling I felt much before.

Now that I’m at the middle of my goal, I feel like I should have some profound observation to express. I suppose that is my ego talking. It’s not that I haven’t benefited from regularly meditating so far, though. I have noticed an ability to be more present in other activities throughout my life so far. Also, I’m able to witness my thoughts and identify them in a clearer manner.

Example: there’s been a project I’ve been contemplating for a while but have held myself back from completing (or really, attempting thus far). It’s been on my mind and I’ve started gathering materials and honestly, haven’t been working too hard on it yet. Today, I was presented with the awareness of my fear regarding this project. I felt overwhelmed and “heard” a rationalization for just chucking the idea… but I was able to see those thoughts for what they were, and reassure myself that I could still accomplish this goal/dream. Good stuff.

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