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30 Days of Meditation: Day 27

Last night, I had my 9-year old niece over to stay the night. She’s quite energetic and easily stimulated, so before her bedtime we meditated together. I’ve done it once with her to help her get centered, although it was months ago. This time, I wanted her to unwind enough to fall asleep easily.

First, we did a few minutes of slow, deep breathing. Then, I guided her through some relaxation in which she focused on the various parts of her body relaxing. This started with the feet and ended with the head, followed by some more deep breathing. After she opened her eyes slowly upon my instruction, she got up, I tucked her into bed… and she was out like that!

I need to do more meditation with her in the future. She’s so absorbent to things, so I think if she knew to meditate (even just the breathing form) on her own, it could do her a great deal of good.

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