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30 Days of Meditation: Day 30

meditation watercolor painting woman lotus Jess Tice Etsy

“Meditation,” watercolor painting by Jess Tice. To purchase or see more of her art, click the image to go to

Yesterday marked the end of my 30-day meditation mission. I’m glad to say I stuck it out and it’s been quite an eye-opening experience. In summation, the most noticeable thing I’ve gained is less attachment to feelings. (I’ve experienced this in the past too, but more so when I meditate consistently). When I’m in the middle of a strong emotion, I’m now much better able to acknowledge it in a way that’s separate from how I feel. This has proved to be very helpful with the negative, ego-driven emotions such as fear or when I’m feeling hyper-sensitive to something, such as others’ energy. Once I can see how I’m feeling, it’s easier to see my reaction as a choice. That skill of detachment is still just part of the equation. Meditation isn’t a magic solution; it’s a tool.

And even in the midst of this, I am still learning about myself.  I was tired early in the night & ready for bed, but remembered I hadn’t meditated yet and didn’t want to skip the final day. So, I meditated… and just like  many other times have proven, it woke up my brain. My brain & body had been ready to hit the sack early, but I was no longer tired enough. Matter of fact, I had trouble sleeping as I lay in bed.

While tossing, turning and thinking in bed, it occurred to me that I would’ve been better off not meditating. My drive to meditate that night was to feed my ego. My ego wanted me to finish that goal properly and not in a delayed manner, even though my body needed rest. That realization made me feel lighter and probably spurred me to relax enough to fall asleep finally.

I still feel good for completing my goal. 🙂 And I intend to continue meditating everyday. It’s given me the spiritual discipline and routine I needed… and also provided me the benefit of being present more often. I haven’t decided on a new 30-day challenge just yet, but am not planning on anything new until January anyhow. I don’t like having too much on my plate.

I’m off to meditate early tonight, since my work-out earlier has me feeling quite relaxed & slightly sleepy already.

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