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Days 6-8: Diet Soda Challenge

Days 6 and 7 were a bust. Saturday, I went for it and drank a 20-oz. of my drug of choice, diet Pepsi. Yesterday, I was at a family gathering, saw the 2 liter and gave in before drinking it.

Why? It’s not that I needed a caffeine boost. This makes me think there is more to the addiction than we realize. Maybe the ingredients in soda/diet soda are worse than portrayed. I had some shame on Day 6, but not enough to pour it down the sink. And yesterday? I had no shame whatsoever.

Surprisingly, I’m not even beating myself up about it today. Today, I have done well (none at all!) and not even had a craving. I realize the mistake I made and how giving in to the craving really didn’t amount to anything. Drinking that crap didn’t even really give me a rush or make me feel any different than usual… which leads me to see that it really isn’t necessary and is pointless.

So here’s to more progress! I fell and I’m back up. No worries.

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