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Day 9: No Diet Soda Challenge

Sometimes I take advantage of my time on the treadmill to reflect and reinforce healthy habits in my mind. Today was a great day for this. I play a constant loop of ocean waves on my iPod, which helps me zone out and tunes out the other noise at the gym.

As I went through my workout, I reflected on how much lighter my body felt. There was no icky bloated feeling that comes from unhealthy food, large amounts of food or from drinking soda. I felt lean (even though I’m not…YET). It was a great sensation and so I pondered the benefits so far of eliminating the soda from my diet.

One thing I noticed was I’ve been eating a lot less fast food this past week and a half. There seems to be some connection between this and soda, right? A burger, fries and a soft drink: they go so well together, don’t they? And they’re also quite unnatural and rotten for your body, aren’t they?

So it seems the lack of soda (albeit, diet soda) is propelling me further in other areas of my health. I actually feel like I’m taking care of myself as I should. When I was eating all that fast food, I was doing it out of laziness and complacency. I would even tell myself I just didn’t care, so that I could easily justify eating that garbage. Now, don’t get me wrong… I will probably eat that garbage again. There’s a reason it’s so addictive and tasty! But just in much smaller doses.

I also considered how much money I was saving with drinking tea vs. soda. If I’m totally honest with myself, I was drinking about a liter of diet Pepsi/Coke a day… sometimes more. That’s about $1.00 per day plus more on the weekends, since I considered it a treat to myself. We’ll say about $8.00 per week.

For tea, it costs about $2.50 for 20 teabags. I make a pitcher of tea almost every day, using 4 bags. Per day, that is about $0.50; per week, I’ll round up to $4.00. WOW. So I’m saving half the money I was spending on pop… but more importantly, investing more into my health and future health with all the benefits from tea and extra water I’m drinking.

Feels pretty good. 🙂

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