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Day 18: No Diet Soda Challenge

To help drive home the benefits of no longer drinking diet soda, I’ve been reading articles about how how harmful diet soda is to our health. This article on Psychology Today’s website was from a woman who quit drinking diet soda after years of it being part of her lifestyle. She describes how addictive it was for her and how much she consumed during various parts of her life. This led me to reflect on how “important” soda has been in my life as well.

I’m not sure when pop starting holding such a strong role in my life, perhaps high school? The pop machines were magnets for us students and some teachers let us drink in class, so that just enabled it even more. Even though I was of a healthy weight in high school, I do recall drinking diet soda back then, to ensure I wasn’t taking in empty calories.

Throughout my life, it’s mostly been diet soda. There was a point about 8 years ago that I stopped drinking it, but as we see, that only lasted about a year. Aside from that period, I’ve been regularly drinking pop and artificial sweeteners for almost the past 20 years.

Wow. That’s 20 years of unnatural liquid and chemicals affecting my brain, my cells, my nerves, my stomach, my teeth, etc. This information actually has me more excited and motivated to have taken up this challenge, and in resolving to abstain from it forever.

I’ve also pondered my own addictions/things in which I’ve been dependent, past and present. Addiction runs in my family, which is something I’ve become aware of in the last several years. I’ve worked hard to get where I am today and have broken cycles of dependence. So here is my official declaration of this soda no longer being an addiction. A toast to that, with my iced green tea. 🙂

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