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Day ???: No Diet Soda Challenge

Over one month ago was my last post about eliminating diet soda from my life. Full disclosure: I have continued to drink it on occasion, just not nearly as much as I used to. And definitely with the intention I used to, which was of dependence.

In light of that, I’d say I was less successful than I could have been, but am very glad I persisted with breaking the dependence. I’m still drinking my green tea in lieu of the soda and feel great for this replacement.

When I have partaken in the faux sugared soda, I have noticed a sense of familiarity. When I first drank it, it felt like a treat and something rare. Perhaps due to more times of drinking it, that sense went away. Thankfully, I’ve got the awareness to know I could fall back into drinking it regularly again.

As noted before, removing the soda from my diet has coincided with less fast food. I’m still making more meals at home and improved my nutrition as a result. I’m considering doing another challenge in which I truly abstain from diet soda… to further emphasize its importance on my health. At least for now, I’ve moved beyond the dependence. 🙂

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