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Sew a Skirt in 5 Simple Steps

DIY Fashionista maxi skirt in BLUE SKY BLUE batik cotton fabric tutorial Angela Conley

I’ve even adapted these steps to create knee-length skirts. If you’re curvy like myself, I suggest using a fabric that is not too heavy but heavy enough to create an A-line along the hips, which is very flattering.

Recently, I ventured into an area of fashion I didn’t think I could work: the maxi skirt. See, I’m a petite and curvy lady so I assumed with my short stature, a floor-length skirt wouldn’t be flattering. I’m glad to report I was wrong!

Once I decided I wanted more of this look, I set my creative gears in motion. A skirt is seriously one of the easiest things you can sew. And trust me, I’m quite the novice. Plus, a DIY skirt is much cheaper, especially if you score the fabric on sale, like I did.

Check out my tutorial for this über-simple project, in 5 easy steps…

DIY maxi skirt tutorial in batik cotton fabric Angela Conley


DIY Fashionista midi skirt in white gauze double layer fabric tutorial Angela Conley

Here’s my tutorial for this über-simple project, in 5 easy steps:


Measure 2 panels of your desired fabric.

Width= (width of your waist) + 1″

Length= (desired length) + (width of elastic) + 3″

Example: for my maxi skirt, I cut 2 panels 38″ wide and 25″ long.


Pin your panels together on all 4 sides, with the right sides facing another. (The “right” side is the side in which the fabric will be showing; the “wrong” side is the side of fabric that will be the inside of your skirt. With most fabrics, the wrong side is faded in color or pattern.)


Sew a 1/2″ seam on the sides of the skirt. (This will be the side you measured as the length.) Press open your seams.

*TIP: If your fabric is subject to fraying, trim the raw edges of the sides with pinking shears. This eliminates a finishing seam.


Fold over the bottom of the skirt 1″ and then fold over again. This will create more weight on the skirt and allow it hang better. Pin or press into place. Sew with a 6/8″ or 7/8″ seam allowance. Press once the seam is completed.


Sew the casing for your waistband. (Check out this tutorial on if necessary.) I used one inch more than the width of my elastic and sewed a 1/4″ seam. After inserting the elastic and sewing the opening shut, I used my pinking shears again on the raw edge.

Once completed, turn your skirt right-side out and even out the gathers in the waistband.

That’s all! Twirl in your skirt, do a photo shoot, wear it to the grocery store or a hot date—but most importantly, enjoy the creation you made!



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