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Flashback Friday: DIY Felt & Fabric Gift Card Holders

For the next month or so, I’ll be highlighting some favorite past projects each Friday. Since I’m preparing to move again, I won’t have time to prepare new blog material. To post something new in the midst of all the purging & packing I’m doing would be sheer madness—and I already have enough of that to go around. 🙂

Today’s flashback is quite apropos for the holiday season. These gift card holders can be made for any occasion, but I like them best for Christmas because there’s so many cool holiday fabrics out there right now.

Learn how to make these gift card holders by clicking this link or the image below:

DIY Felt and Fabric Gift Card Holder Tutorial Angela Conley

Because gift cards can feel impersonal to the gift-giver, these holders are great because you can customize them to each person. The first year I made these, I made one for my sister with purple felt (her fave color) and zebra-print fabric. She loved it so much she reused her holder as a wallet. Plus, these DIY holders allow you a chance to infuse some hand-made love into your gifts.

These holders are really easy and would be a great project for children too! Feel free to comment if you have any questions or feedback.


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