Random or Meaningful Occurrences?

I’m a thinker. A big-time thinker. All my life. I imagine, I play out scenarios in my head, I have lots of what if’s and tons of why’s. My theory is that because I think so much, I have a much lower chance of having Alzheimer’s when I get old. Or maybe it will be the opposite–that because I’ve used my brain so much, it will one day just give up.

So, it’s no surprise I’ve been pondering why a particular occurrence has been happening lately. I wonder if it’s not really random at all and if the universe/God trying to speak to me, trying to give me signs…

I go to thrift stores, craft stores, and fabric stores A LOT. Lately, I’ve been approached by strangers asking me for questions or advice related to whatever store we’re in.

One time it was in a thrift store; a woman asked me my opinion on a tchotchke. It wasn’t my style, it was some sort of cat accessory. But it was unique, so I told her so.

Another time I was in a fabric store and an older man asked my opinion about how to recover a barstool cushion. I was happy to help but that conversation was way too long. OY. He was a talker and I shouldn’t have been such a listener.

Then most recently, I was in a craft store searching for a perfect shade of acrylic craft paint. (TIP: just mix your own color if you have to. Much easier.) Out of the blue, a woman also in this aisle asked what kind of paint to use on a terra cotta planter project she was doing.

Previously, I hadn’t given it much thought that these occurrences. But after the last woman, I started wondering if there was a reason for it… and what I could learn from it.

To be honest, I still don’t know exactly what I’m to learn from it. But I have given a lot of thought lately into what my niche should be, and I think these occurrences have shed some light into determining this. (Stay tuned for more on that.)

I’d have to say I believe life is full of meaning and that nothing is by chance. I’ll keep thinking about it and will keep hoping the universe/God will shed some light as needed… and keep trusting that everything is happening perfectly, whether these instances were coincidental or not. 🙂

Do you believe everything happens for a reason or do you believe some things are just random/coincidence? Have you had any strange instances lately?


4 thoughts on “Random or Meaningful Occurrences?

  1. I think coincidences are actually signposts, especially if the same kind of thing keeps happening. You attract to yourself that which you secretly desire. Go for it – step by step.


  2. I’m impressed that you picked up on those clues. A lot of people ignore them (even in my field of journalism). I’m also trying to narrow down my niche. I’ll be checking back to see what you decide. Go Homegirl go!


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