The Sweet Release of an Announcement: My Freelance Writing Debut

When you were a kid and you had something exciting to say, you probably just announced it to anyone that was listening. Unless you were spouting off the truths of life (ahem, Santa), you probably got away with it. “Ah, she’s just a kid. She gets a pass.”

But as a grown-up, announcements are best handled in a pre-meditated manner. You can’t just flap your jaws about an exciting opportunity until it comes to fruition. While I kinda wish those days of unfiltered speaking were back, I understand the importance of waiting (but oh how the waiting kills me!).

With that being said, I can share my announcement. Recently, I began my journey into freelance writing with a local newspaper, the Toledo City Paper. I started contributing to a column the City Paper has called Style Sense. In this column, a local person with a personal sense of style is highlighted. The focus is on a person’s style and not fashion per se. It’s not necessarily about a person who wears in-fashion clothing but rather how their style is a form of expression.

Last week, my first article was published! For my first submission, I interviewed Ruby Jade, who’s a burlesque dancer for a local group called the T-Town Tassels. I didn’t interview her solely because she’s my pal, but because her personal style is centered around body acceptance. She’s transformed so much since she started dancing and it’s very inspiring. You can read our interview here.

Ruby Jade Style Sense

I’ve always had an interest in style/fashion, but my main focus is still DIY/decorating. However, these two art forms are more connected than we realize. Often a person’s fashion sense coordinates with how they style their home.

For example, my decor style focuses a lot around natural items like wood, stones, and cotton. The same thing applies to my personal style. I favor jewelry made of silver, wood, and beads over gemstones. Most of my wardrobe consists of T-shirts, sweaters and jeans. I’m a sneakers and flats girl, not a gold leaf and lucite kind of girl.

In honoring this connection between fashion and interior style, I will post a moodboard based on each Style Sense interviewee. Inspired by Ruby’s embracing of her womanly curves and sensuality, the first moodboard will be a sexy bedroom. It’s in the works right now, so be on the lookout soon for some grown-up and sexy decor inspiration.

I also hope to have more submissions published in the future, so I will announce these here with the moodboard I create. I’m glad to be starting this journey and look forward to where it takes me.

Does your fashion style match your decorating style? Have you chosen a new path in your dreams/passions lately? Have you ever interviewed anyone?


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