Have you ever felt overwhelmed by something in life, yet exhilarated at the same time? That’s pretty much how I’ve felt these last few months—well, since August. With great encouragement from a friend & a few signs from the universe, I took the plunge into freelance journalism and started writing for a local alternative newspaper, the Toledo City Paper.

The paper entrusted me with writing for their Style Sense column, a column that runs in each bi-weekly issue and highlights a local person’s distinctive style. (I’ve also done a few interviews with some local movers & shakers—more to come on those soon!) People can be negative about our city, so I love finding the gems Toledo has to offer. I love interviewing them and showcasing their light to everyone else.

To bridge the column and decor, I decided to create a moodboard inspired by each fashionable person. That worked three times… and then I realized I’d soon be doing a padded room moodboard for myself if I didn’t decrease my workload. (Still, they were some pretty fly moodboards, which you can check out here.)

So even though it’s been a fantastic journey, it is still a lot of work and feels overwhelming at times. I essentially have three jobs: my full-time job, writing for the paper, and writing for this blog. (Oh, and I even made my TV debut with a DIY tutorial.) Unfortunately, this means I’ve had to re-prioritize my side jobs & haven’t been able to post much on my blog. I’m gaining a great amount of experience with the paper (plus earning some extra cheddar), which I’d like to parlay into a full-time journalism/editorial career— especially in design and decor.

I also haven’t had as much time to experiment with decorating my home either, but I’ve still got job projects in the bag. While I slowly work on those projects and sharpen up my Barbara Walters skills, enjoy this archive of my Style Sense posts. (Click on the images or captions to read the interviews.) A special shout-out goes to the beautiful Ruby Jade, who was my first.


FashionablyKate Kate McComb Style Sense_Toledo City Paper fashion column written by Angela Conley The DIY Homegirl

Kate McComb (photo credit: Patty Gelb)









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