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Follow-Up Interview with Maya Ramirez, Winner of Project Runway: Junior

Interview-with-Project-Runway-Jr-Winner-Maya-Ramirez-Angela Conley teen fashion designer Toledo School for the Arts

I’ve been blessed to interview some very talented ladies from Toledo lately, one of them being the winner of Project Runway: Junior, Maya Ramirez. Last Thursday, hundreds of Toledoans gathered at Pizza Papalis to meet Maya and share the finale’s outcome with her. It was a great experience, with fans of all ages coming out to support her. We Toledoans are starting to learn that our city is actually full of gems waiting to be discovered and are slowly separating from the belief nothing good happens here.

Maya-Ramirez-Pizza-Papalis-Viewing-Party-Meet-and-Greet Interview-with-Project-Runway-Jr-Winner-Angela Conley teen fashion designer Toledo School for the Arts

Even with all the screaming kids who came out to support her, the energy in the restaurant was undeniable. I scored a seat at the bar so I was away from the madness :). I think we’d have been just as supportive if our newest gem was an adult, but the fact she’s 14 years old, designed six runway-ready looks for New York Fashion Week–a pinnacle for fashion designers– and maintained a cool, mature composure on top of it all? That’s truly inspiring.

Oh, and she maintained a perfect poker face through all our previous interviews, never leading on to the fact she’d won the show. #skills

I sat down with Maya the day after the big finale, loving that I could finally ask her more specific questions about the show. I also got to check out a bit of her school, the Toledo School for the Arts, who’s been a huge supporter and factor in her success.

Head over to the Toledo City Paper here to learn more about Maya’s Fashion Week experience, her designs, and her plans for her career. You can also check out our past interviews on her personal style here and her background/experience on the show prior to the finale here.

Did you watch Project Runway: Junior? Are you a fan of the show or of Project Runway? Who did you expect to win?

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