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7 Things No One Warned Me About Getting a Pixie Haircut

7 Things No One Warned Me About a Pixie Hair Cut Angela Conley hair styling products tips warnings advice naturally curly wavy short hair

Six years ago, I did what most wish they could do: I lost 10 pounds, all in 1 hour. From a haircut.

OK, it wasn’t really that much weight, but considering my hair is as thick as the Amazon jungle, it sure felt like it.

Once I got used to having such a small amount of hair from my new pixie, it didn’t feel like such a big change. Except I soon realized there were many more lessons to come, things that no one warned me about. Things most of us don’t speak of when we read articles from In Style about the pixie trend. Things we fail to mention when we encourage a girlfriend to join the pixie army.

Through the years, I’ve experimented with multiple styles with this cut— you can check out my earlier hair evolution here. Its versatility is one of the things I love best. More recently, I’ve done the curly pixie, the asymmetric pixie, the super-short pixie, the faux-hawk, and the Miley (long on top with shaved sides).

Hair evolution pixie hair style naturally curly shaved sides undercut wavy The DIY Homegirl tips for pixie hair cut style

Thus, I consider myself an expert of sorts on what’s best, what to expect, what to change, etc. NOTE: my hair is naturally curly, so you may find different products work better for your pixie.

1. You’re gonna save money! When I first got my cut, I had to retrain myself not to use a healthy glob of shampoo and conditioner in the shower. It’s been great to have the same bottles for the last 6 months.

If you color your hair at home, you’ll also save cheddar by needing much less dye. Previously, I had to use 2 boxes for my long tresses but with the pixie I didn’t even need 1 full box. I never tried it, but you may be better off buying the haircolor at a beauty store so you can ration it out better and save even more.

2. You’re gonna spend more money! For years, I had long hair and could go months in between cuts. Because of this, spending the occasional $50 was no biggie. But with short hair, the growth is very apparent. I now get my hair did every 3-5 weeks, including it in my monthly budget (but it’s so very worth it, especially with the fantastic stylist I have).

3. Get used to a whole new set of styling products. You’ll likely need a whole new set of products for your new do: I went from using gels and creams to waxes and pastes. I’ve found the stiffer the better (that’s what she said) and that the best products are found in the men’s haircare section.

My hairstylist got me hip to Woody’s Clay and it’s been my favorite the past few years. It’s perfect for creating chunky pieces or the always fun faux-hawk. I also discovered Old Spice Richochet Fiber Wax is great when I want a smooth pixie or a slightly textured, messy do. And it has a soft scent, not manly or cologne-ish at all. To top it all off, I love a good hairspray and Aussie takes me back to the days I really loved hairspray (AKA the early 90s).

Old Spice fiber wax Woody's hair clay Aussie hairspray Pixie-hair-styling-products-The-DIY-Homegirl Hair evolution pixie hair style naturally curly wavy tips for pixie hair cut style

4. Your eyes will really pop now. This is something I heard a lot from people when I first got my hair cut short, but didn’t understand at first. It makes sense, especially if you also had long hair that you often wore down and in your face. To maximize my eyes, I’ve invested in good-but-cheap makeup brushes that serve a purpose–not just a fluffy brush for any and all shadows. And don’t use those sponge applicators they include with the shadows. Just don’t.

My weapons of choice: Maybelline Full ‘n Soft mascara in Very Black, Mirabella Eye Definer liner in Foil, Nyx Micro eye brow pencil in Ash Brown, Real Techniques lash/brow groomer (fine metal teeth is a must), e.l.f. professional eye shadow brushSonia Kashuk smudge brush, e.l.f. countour brush, and an e.l.f. blending brush.

Eye-makeup-weapons-brushes-The-DIY-Homegirl Hair evolution tips for pixie hair cut style

5. Your skin also needs to be on point. I know, this should be something I cared about sooner. But I’m glad I stopped tanning and began wearing sunblock when I did because with a pixie cut, your skin is front and center. You can no longer hide beyond a full mane of hair. So this forced me to get stricter with my skincare routine, really tackle that adult acne, and spend a little more money on better quality skincare products.

6. Invest in a few good hats. I say a few, but I really have about 10. Still, you’ll find that a hat will become your new best friend. When I had long hair, I only wore a when I’d be outside a while (or those vicious polar vortex moments we get here in Ohio). But now, I wear a hat every day of winter (except for those lovely warm winter days we get here in Ohio).

They’re are also a great accessory to tie in to your look. Right now, I’m actually growing my hair out a little to get my curls back, so hats are a godsend during this awkward growing period.

Eye-makeup-weapons-brushes-The-DIY-Homegirl Hair evolution tips for pixie hair cut style

7. People will ask you crazy questions. “Aren’t you worried people will think you’re a lesbian?” “Was your boyfriend okay with your haircut? My boyfriend/husband would never go for it.” A: Why would I care if people think I’m a lesbian?! B: Why do I care what the old man thinks? It’s my head, my hair! But aside from these questions, I’ve received many more compliments from people on the cut—and lots from strangers! So there’s been a nice balance.

Have you ever had a a pixie haircut? What did you think of it? How do/did you style yours? What tips would you give for this do?



16 thoughts on “7 Things No One Warned Me About Getting a Pixie Haircut

  1. I am very short on hair length too, and I agree totally on the hat wearing… it gets very cold around the ears. But I would never go back to long hair, plus could not face the hideous grow out period as well! Short hair totally rocks and never looks bad on holiday either!


  2. I’ve had mine since last summer and love trying new things with it. It’s so freeing!
    Have you tried the BedHead Sugar Dust hair powder? It’s super fabulous! My stylist showed me how it works and I totally slapped down the cash for it without batting an eye. It’s super ine powder, like dry shampoo only more fine, and it leaves your hair dry and non-product bu you can sculpt it to stand wherever you want! It gives you so much control it’s awesome.


  3. I love my pixie cut I’ve changed it up a few times to find the right style for me and I really don’t care if people think I’m a lesbian or look like a boy because to me I look beautiful!


  4. I used to have a pixie for many years, and I styled (cut) and coloured it myself – so I saved tons of money! Easy a cheap! I don’t usually use hair products and hardly ever wear a hat (only a few times in winter, coz Finland can be pretty freezing).

    Now I have a bob, but I’ll cut it short again next week 😀


    • How do you cut it yourself? I’ve been doing the same for years but I constantly look like I had a fight with a weed eater and end up having to find a stylist to fix it.


  5. Hey I’m from Ohio too. Just got my pixie but before I had super thick curly hair its so much better and less stressful if you ask me. I need more accessories though.


  6. Yes!!! I love my cut hair and I prefer my hair like this. What people think about is not my business. Nobody pays my bills and I really think just stronger women can do it. Just a tip for girls who think about having pixie hair cut but still have doubts: if you do not forget a makeup at least in the eyes. This will make you sexier, stylish and stronger.
    PS: sorry for my English


  7. What nobody ever warned me about was how great hair is at warming the back of my neck. Once I had my hair cut, I had to start wearing scarves all the time, even when it wasn’t that cold.


  8. I have wAvy hair and afraid to see what would i look like until the salon cut my hair so short my officemates laughs when they saw my messy hair and was advised y not try pixie haircut but practically speaking it could have saved you money probably I will schedule a pixie haircut by next day coz the salon girl i had murdered my hair.


  9. You and this article are amazing! It’s so relatable and accurate and most importantly, it’s reassuring to know what I’ve gone through is normal. I live in a closed minded, small town and have been gawked at more times than my self esteem can handle. I pulled a Britney Spears about 3yrs ago and while I can laugh at how many times I get called “sir” or assumed to be a lesbian, I need to find a way to boost my confidence. I’ve struggled with acne since puberty and now I’m 36 and my face is a mess, you mentioned your battle and I was hoping to get more info on your regimen. I love your makeup and styling product tips! I’ve been trying to find the best products for a pixie for years with no luck. Thank you for your wisdom!!


    • Narrow-minded people suck. I did get more compliments than not with the pixie, but that was while living in a city.
      As for my face, it tends to be more sensitive than the rest of my skin. Currently, I use Aveeno Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser and Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer for sensitive skin. I think though, that what is a big component is our diets. I know if I eat trash, it shows in my skin.


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