Neglect: So Easy to Do in the Moment, So Hard to See in Hindsight

dying houseplant neglect Angela Conley

I realized today that I’ve neglected this blog. Much like this houseplant, it’s still standing in spite of my lack of attention. Rather, the blog is still standing because I paid for this beast, but I digress. So I’m here to tell you, all 5 viewers, that I will be updating this baby.

It’s not that I have been lazy, binge-watching TV series all day whilst eating Cheez-Its from my sofa. (I reserve that for the weekends. #discipline.) In fact, life has been pretty eventful the last few months. I moved into a house, I worked like a mad decorator at putting it all together so I could apply for an Apartment Therapy writing gig (sadly, I didn’t get the job), and then I then decided some rooms should be revamped. I also decided to keep my 4-10 hour day shifts at my full-time job, which means some of those evenings I want to do nothing but retreat to my sofa for that binge-watching/snacking combo.

In the midst of all this, I’ve strived to be consistent on my other blog, The Decor Guru, while writing some pieces for the Toledo City Paper. Oh, and I’ve had to fit in workouts, which I have not been too successful at–probably due to the snack/TV habit–plus seeing family and the wonderful old man I have.

Seriously, I don’t know how parents do it. I have kids and no pets, and this game of life is hard as hell sometimes. Maybe that’s where neglect comes in. Trying to juggle everything means something will eventually fall. For me, that appears to have been this blog, and that makes me sad.

My resolution is to be more present. At first, this may just consist of sharing past articles I’ve written. That’s the nice thing about writing content for your own blog: total autonomy. So yes, there will be some regurgitation, but suck it up. Besides, the people I’ve written about deserve more recognition, especially in a city where that’s not done enough.

Stay tuned for some links about some awesome Toledoans, plus more musings from the brain I’m so lucky to have.



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