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Sometimes We Just Need a Little Screw

Sometimes You Just Need a Little Screw Angela Conley life symbolism fear anxiety

I believe in the power of symbols, so this little guy made quite a statement for me this weekend.

I’ve been anxious over some female health issues lately, with not knowing what to expect or what’s wrong (hence, yesterday’s MRI). As an overthinker, I’ve been pondering the worst-case scenarios.

To be fair, I overthink many things—not just negative situations. I’ve many a times overthought my self into scoring the writing job of my dreams (a well-known decor magazine or website), moving to NYC and living in a fabulous but small high-rise apartment, and my old man moving out there with me, thus furthering his career as a yoga/fitness instructor. I can imagine all of this within 60 seconds. Maybe overthinking is my superpower.

A few days ago, I spotted this screw in one of my tires. I wasn’t too concerned since it was in the tread, but still wasn’t overly happy about spending a little money and taking the time to get it fixed. Yesterday, I took my car into the shop to get it fixed. I sit down in the waiting room, mentally preparing myself to ignore time and immerse myself in a magazine.

Five minutes later, the guy walks out and asks if I noticed any air pressure loss in the tire or just noticed the screw. I told him the latter. He then showed me what they pulled out the tire, this itty bitty thing. Because it caused no damage, it required no repair. Imagine my relief (and laughter)! Sure, it wouldn’t have cost much if I did need the repair, but it’s still $20-30 I could spend on something else… like 2 bottles of my favorite Riesling. #cheapyetclassy

What really hit home for me was the symbolism of this tiny screw, and how it related to my current health fears. The biggest part of my anxiety comes from not knowing–because I can’t control the outcome, even if it’s imagining how I’ll handle it. This little screw showed me I’m just making things way worse than need be, and that whatever happens will probably be easily fixable.

I love those moments when life shows you it will really be okay. Those moments that you just have to shake your head and laugh at yourself, because of how silly it all is.

Thank you life, for giving me that little screw.


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