What 3 Things Would You Want Humans to Know?


This morning, my mother appeared in my dream. Sometimes she’s just there and we’re doing regular family things. Sometimes she’s yelling at me. That’s a topic of dream interpretation to get into later… or never, LOL. I love when she’s in my dreams, because it’s one last shot at “seeing” her, since she passed unexpectedly nearly 3 years ago.

In this dream, my mother, my dad, my grandmother, and I were driving around town. I think we were just sight-seeing, but in our own city. She asked me a question that really resonated, especially since I woke up and only partially answered it.

She asked, “What 3 thing would you want humans to know?”

My answer:

“1. We should be accountable for our actions. Everything we do impacts us and others, and there are consequences for that. We should work for what we want.

2. Tying into the first one, we should also understand that some of us aren’t able to do what others can. Some of us are disenfranchised or don’t have the resources, so we need to help each other.”

The third thing–I didn’t answer since I woke up. I laid in bed pondering it, because I feel like this dream was important. I feel like my mother “popped in” for a strong reason.

And I still don’t know what it would be. I’ve been thinking along the lines of love being important and not greed or power. It seems like that would be the most helpful for humankind. I’ll likely be thinking about this all day.

I also wonder why she’d ask me a question like this. It’s almost like she worded it to me as if were weren’t humans ourselves. If I think too long about that I may start believing we live in the Matrix or something, so perhaps I should just let it marinate throughout the day.

What do you think of this dream? How do you perceive dreams of people who have passed? What do you think are 3 things humans should know?

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