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16 Weeks Post-Hysterectomy: Where Am I Now?

At this point, the weeks are starting to meld together into, well, months. It’s starting to feel like surgery was so long ago, which is not a complaint.

I feel like my life is back, albeit an upgraded version. I absolutely love that I can sleep all night long without going to the bathroom. I love that my swelly belly is pretty much gone, although I am still rocking the maternity leggings. I love that my skin is so much clearer than before surgery. I love that I can bend over again without feeling breathless or like a pregnant woman.

There are some things that are still recovering. I’ve been easing back into my circuit/HIIT workouts and that’s been tough. I do modify those because (A) it’s been months since I exercised at that intensity, (B) I have gained weight, and (C) I feel like my abs may still be healing deep down. I get these prickly feelings in my navel after working out and I don’t yet know if it means I should scale back. I have abstained from direct ab exercises because of it, but since we use our core for so much I can’t exactly stop altogether. I had tingly feelings in my lower abdomen about 4-5 weeks post-surgery but these feel a little different. I hate that there’s no real reference point for us after having a hysterectomy, for those little questions. If something is really wrong, our bodies surely tell us but what about those nagging sensations? Or those thoughts of, “This seems odd but not horrible—is this normal?” Maybe if we continue talking freely about it and sharing our stories, that will change.

Out of respect for the old man, I won’t say much about sex but it is wonderful to not be in pain like before with the fibroid. It does feel different still, and sometimes a little pinchy where I believe my cuff is. I’m hoping that is normal and am not too concerned since it improves over time and isn’t highly painful.

I love that my mind feels back to normal (which is a joke in itself). I recall blogging my first recovery post after 3 weeks and how mushy my mind felt. It felt so hard to put together a comprehensive post about my experience thus far. Yes, blogging is work but it felt really challenging at that point. (Once my mind was sharper, I edited it.) I now understand more the impact surgery has on our entire bodies. I’m glad I was able to stay off work for the full 6 weeks, because I don’t know how I could’ve done my job when I could barely blog. Now, I am able to blog here and at The Decor Guru, plus am working on a few pieces for the Toledo City Paper, and have another project in the works.

I wish I had more to report, but it’s good I don’t! I feel like my recovery has been pretty textbook, although I have had to be careful about my activity level—and I was active before surgery. I think this is greatly underestimated by our doctors. Nonetheless, I’m so grateful to be able to walk at a normal speed and just walk, period. Sometimes I take a moment to thank my body for getting me through all this. It really is a wonderful machine and deserves the sentiment. Now if I could just channel that feeling when I binge on an entire bag of Chex Mix…

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