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6 Month Hysterversary (Anniversary of Hysterectomy)

Man, once you get past the days of recovery being at the core of every action, time flies by. At times, I felt impatient for the day I would no longer have to think about my injured body before moving or making plans.

That liberation is the greatest mark of improvement since I had my hysterectomy in October. In some ways, it feels like my recovery was pretty textbook, and it was thankfully, without any complication. In other respects, I feel lucky that my energy came back faster than expected. When I returned to work after 6 weeks, I worried I would need a lot of rest during and after the workday. Energetically, I can honestly say I feel like myself again.

For the most, I also feel like my physical self again, in that I no longer have any limitations. I’m back to working out like normal (albeit, my endurance is less than before surgery and when the fibroids really grew). But I do feel slight stinging sensations still near the incision, which I hear is the nerves patching themselves up. I just rub my Buddha belly and move on.

Speaking of that belly, it is a part of my physicality I didn’t before. Initially, I was really swollen, even bigger than before surgery. But I also gained about 20 pounds since surgery, so that has undoubtedly contributed to a larger circumference. I don’t think I can exactly blame the hysterectomy on the weight gain, since I know I overeat. So I am working on that.

There’s not much else to say about how it’s been, except that I’m very thankful for the chance to heal and that it’s gone so well. It was one of the toughest things I’ve done in my life, but it was so worth it.


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